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Actually, I stopped writing at about the ninth hour, as I was fairly sure I was over the 50,000 mark, but wanted a little leeway. The problem with hand writing the thing is that you then have to count the words. On each page. Currently the novel is at... Well, let me show you my summary statistics.

Words counted 44,551
Pages counted 152
Mean words per page 293
Pages written 176
Mean pages per day 5.9
Estimated words 51,585
% complete 103%

As you can see I have been calculating the mean words per page from the pages that I HAVE counted, and multiplied out by the number of pages written, to get a projected figure of over fifty thousand, which given that I have counted an awful lot of the words is probably accurate. I would like to finish and get an exact count to submit but I'm pretty sure that's about right. Don't tell the Nano Police, anyone. (They are very small anyway, obviously, but they could turn my novel into grey goo.)

edit: Well, I counted a few more pages, and submitted 51,576 words. That'll do. If it's not over 50,000 when I finally count the last few pages I will post a public apology.
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