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All right, so only six out of ten of the communities that I got when selecting "random community" in Dreamwidth were for fandom purposes. (One of the others might have been, but it seemed to be transcriptions of lyrics of songs in Japanese, which could well be fannish.) Out of the four remaining, only one was not set up for some private or inexplicable purpose.

I have no great issues with fandom at all, but it just isn't something I'm interested in. I am not, and never have been, much of a fan of anything. My sister, who is on LJ, can confirm that I was always the person who bought one book in a series and then said "meh" and never bought any others. I think I was in fact the original introducer of Pratchett to the household on that basis - no, actually I did buy a few of those myself, the first four or five, but not after that, somebody else bought them.

Possibly I count as a fan of China Mieville, in that I own pretty much all of his books, but not to the extent that I am particularly interested in discussing his work with other people. (There are other authors whose publications I have purchased en masse as well, but they tend to be both dead and not very genre.)
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