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* Sunday: visiting The London Writing Equipment Show 2010. This might possibly involve the spending of significant sums of money. My daily affirmation until then will be "Buying Pens Is Not Necessary To Validate Myself As A Person".

* Tomorrow evening: going to see "19th Century Anarchists and the World that Never Was" organised by the Last Tuesday Society of which I had not previously heard until I picked this out of an RSS feed somewhere.

* This evening: sitting in my local pub, for the last day as it is being sold and closes tomorrow, which then had about thirty Millwall fans suddenly run across the road and pile into it, closely followed by three riot vans of police, who arrested one person but after that just stood about outside. Despite there technically being a sign up saying "home fans only" (meaning QPR) there wasn't a lot to do about it I suppose, but on the other hand, everyone was terribly polite and just bought beer and talked on their mobiles. Conversations did indicate that there had been impolite moments previously.

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